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World leading lithium ion battery producers and innovators.

Shenzhen Pengwei New Energy Technology Co.,?Ltd.

Shenzhen Pengwei New Energy Technology Co.,?Ltd.?is a comprehensive high-tech company specialized?in production, study and research of energy. In order to meet the requirements of national energy strategy,?our company focuses on R?&?D of new lithium battery; to actively respond to the guideline of military and?civilian integration proposed by President Xi, our company commercialized some of the military high-tech in?civilian application.

Sticking to the philosophy of scientific development, adhering to the idea of sustainable economy, energy?saving, environmental protection and leading technology, we have applied the high-tech achievements and?scientific research to all areas of social... ...

Group subsidiary
  • Shenzhen High Energy Battery Co., Ltd.
  • Zhongke honghuai (Shenzhen) Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Star (Hongkong) Co., Ltd.
  • Heyuan high energy Da Xin Energy Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen High Energy Battery Co., Ltd., founded in June 1993, is a battery product manufacturer which has entered the battery industry earlier, has a larger industry scale, more standardized management, complete product variety, and the market network is complete. It has a battery professional production base to provide a full set of battery application solutions to customers.

In 2017, the company invested a large number of technical personnel and automation equipment, set up an enterprise research institute, trade center, to provide customers with more highend, more advanced, more stable products. Our company has a number of top domestic battery technology personnel, has been committed to the development and production of various batteries, for domestic and foreign customers and well-known brand enterprises to provide quality products, and become the strategic partners of well-known enterprises. The company has set up a one or two level sales system covering the world's radiation worldwide. The products are widely used in computer motherboards, storage cards, music cards, electronic calculators, electronic clocks, electronic watches, electric toys, miniature instruments and instruments, medical instruments, LED flash lamps, small household electrical appliances, burglar alarm, remote control, electronic scales, electronic dictionaries and MP 4, digital cameras and spare power supply for various electronic products.

Zhongke honghuai (Shenzhen) Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 and was formally registered in June 2009. It is an excellent scientific and technological enterprise and a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong province. The company is committed to the research of battery regeneration and repair, battery remote automatic discharge, remote centralized monitoring and decommissioning battery energy storage technology research, research and development of battery modification liquid, intelligent repair equipment. A series of products, such as high precision detection instrument, remote automatic discharge and monitoring system, long life DC system, etc. The company has 37 patent technology, all the products have 100% intellectual property rights, through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the product has been certified by third party authority, and a series of products have been certified by CE, FCC, RoHS and so on.

We have focused on the research of battery regeneration, battery remote automatic discharge, remote centralized monitoring and storage battery energy storage technology, and developed a series of products such as battery repair fluid, intelligent repair equipment, high precision detection instrument, remote automatic discharge and monitoring system, long life direct current system and so on.

The remote charging and discharging intelligent management system of battery has fully automated battery charging and discharging technology to realize the real-time and accurate evaluation of battery performance, and solve the problem of the battery's actual endurance for a long time. From the energy saving and environmental protection level, it can give full play to the energy storage function of the user storage battery, let the user realize the selective use of the wrong peak and generate the economic value for the users.

Founded in May 1995, Hongkong Co., Ltd. has offices in Hongkong and Mainland China. The factory is located in Shenzhen and Heyuan on the mainland. The factory is certified by the ISO9001 quality system. The products are approved by EU CE certification, American UL product certification and EU RoHS green certification, and its torsional battery and rare earth battery products are widely used. It should be widely used in 3C electronic products, electric tools, electric vehicles, energy storage and other fields.

The company is dedicated to the supply of ultra low temperature, high energy and other types of batteries, to provide customers with -60 C - 60 C wide range of temperature within the normal discharge of the battery and provide a full set of battery applications for customers solutions.

It is our aim to win by quality and serve with core. Our company is willing to cooperate with you to win win and create brilliance together.

Heyuan high energy new energy Co., Ltd. is introducing updates... ...

Product application

Product application

Constantly upgrading products through research and development, and strive to enhance the quality of life of users. We have been committed to the development and production of various batteries, and provide high quality products for customers at home and abroad as well as famous brand enterprises, and become strategic partners of well-known enterprises. The company has set up a one or two level sales system covering the world's radiation worldwide. The products are widely used in computer motherboards, storage cards, music cards, electronic calculators, electronic clocks, electronic watches, electric toys, miniature instruments and instruments, medical instruments, LED flash lamps, small household electrical appliances, burglar alarm, remote control, electronic scales, electronic dictionaries and MP 4, digital cameras and spare power supply for various electronic products. We are very proud to be able to produce rich electronic products and support a large number of users.

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Build a famous battery company in China and become a world famous brand manufacturer.

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